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Hoping and Wishing Never Works

Wishes and dreams. They’re what drives us forward. Have you noticed that most of those people who constantly complain about where they are never seem to talk about where they want to go? Then there’s the others who are stuck in the “I wish I could…” and “I hope someday to…”, but they never seem to move past that point. All those people, despite what they say, are comfortable where they are and really don’t want to change.

Are you one of the “I wish” or “I hope” people? I think not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. “I wish” and “I hope” are not bad sayings by themselves, but you need to follow that up with action, no matter how small, as this lets you move forward. This prevents you from being stuck.

On the quantum physics level, even taking a small step reduces the infinite number of possible futures you have and reduces them to a much smaller set of futures that all include where you want to eventually be. Spiritual and religious teachings reflect this idea as well when they talk about having faith and moving forward.

To get to where you want to be, you need a goal, what you wish or hope for, but you also need action. You can’t get from New York to Los Angeles just by hoping and wishing. You need to talk that first step.

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